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If you are using Word for Mac , make sure that the Maintain compatibility with Word check box is clear. Some new features in Word can cause a document to look different when it is viewed by using an earlier version of Word. In some cases, part of a document that is created by using new features can't be edited in an earlier version of Word. Compatibility mode turns off new features that can cause incompatibility with earlier versions. If you share a document with someone who uses an earlier version of Word, consider using compatibility mode.

To use compatibility mode, you can either open a document that has a. I can't add a chart or SmartArt graphic. This trick actually works in just about every Office app on the Mac too, including Powerpoint, and not just Word. You can use the PDF saving trick to with just about any document on the Mac, which is part of what makes it such a powerful feature.

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. The result will be the webpage is saved as the PDF format. Awesomely explained. Thank you! I have tried all of the above and none are working? I have a brand new mac, running word please someone help. Depending on the application, and how the document is authored, exporting to pdf instead of using the print to pdf option gives better results and sometimes even more exporting options such as outputting structure tags, bookmarks….

Yes you can select print, pdf lower left of print window save as pdf for anything. If you are U. In order for that requirement to be met, the pdf must contain properly structures tags which the Windows version of Word does add, but not the Mac version. You can then open that in Adobe Acrobat Pro and remediate the tags. I never use the Save As command [too many keystrokes]. When you convert from Word to PDF, the links no longer work.

This is only on a Mac. The links then work just fine. Monday, July 31, PM. This doesn't work - it only adds the save as icon to the dock - which is available through the file menu anyway. Strangely, when you drag the document to the desktop it appears under a different name!!! I got around this once by changing file name using Finder - but there is something really odd going on.

This must be a bug surely? Wednesday, August 2, PM. Having the same problem with Word Version Clearly a bug that's affecting a decent number of users, and has been for over 6-months. Tuesday, August 15, PM. Monday, August 28, PM. Hello all, we are seeing this issue on an iMac and mac mini, both Sierra I can reproduce the problem saving to our network share consistently when saving.

Any idea what is going on or if there is a fix, or a bug report?

Office for Mac 2011. Word will not save.

Wednesday, September 6, PM. Hi, I am having this exact same problem. Wednesday, September 13, PM. However I'm looking at another issue now where saving seems to overwrite other files Monday, September 18, AM. Wednesday, September 20, AM.

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Friday, September 22, AM. Friday, September 22, PM.

Trouble submitting a Word for Mac document

It only worked for me when I changed the save format to Word Saturday, September 30, PM. I think I have the solution. Tuesday, October 3, AM. I am having the same program. Brand new MAC, brand new Microsoft suite. Tuesday, October 3, PM. Friday, October 6, PM. To solve this simply change the file format to the previous 97 version of microsoft word, save it, you'll see compatibility mode at the top, then save as again, but change the file format back to the newer version and you are golden.

Saturday, October 7, PM. Tuesday, October 10, PM. Works for me. Every time. Thanks so much. Monday, October 16, AM. Ditto this issue. Just upgraded - am on a Mac. Please fix - what a terrible bug! Friday, October 27, PM. I hope this helps everyone! Monday, October 30, AM. I have to restart Word to get the Save As menu to show up.

I can save the file by overwriting one particular file before I restart word, but i messes up my format. The only way to fix the format I found was to copy the text to another file already formatted the way I want it.

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  • Cause: The document was saved in the Word 97-2004 Document (.doc) format..

Then I get the same response when doing Save As Word 97, i. Leaves the file name unchanged and saves nothing. Saturday, November 11, AM. Worked for me - thanks!

Pages for Mac: Export a Pages document to PDF or another file format

Sunday, November 12, PM. This sounds like one of Apple's tricks to control how you use their products. Thursday, November 16, PM. Edited by ithomson60 Tuesday, November 21, PM. Tuesday, November 21, PM. Saturday, December 2, PM. It worked!! Thank you SO much!!! Monday, December 4, PM.

Prospect of Word File Recovery on Mac

Same problem, endlessly. Saturday, December 9, AM. I am having the same problem on Excel. I upgraded and the "Save" and "Save As" options are grey-out and not useable. I have not activated my free 1-month subscription, so that may have something to do with it; however, I am not interested in a subscription to a service I did not request. And if that is the issue, they should tell us. None of the above work-arounds suggested work for me Monday, December 18, PM. Again my sincere thanks! Wednesday, December 20, PM. Me too.

Really can't afford to loss in time and effort. Friday, December 22, PM. After years of heavy use with no problem, I now cannot save in Word. The "save" dialog box simply has no Save button. Same problem with "SAve as". No problem with excel or powerpoint. The USB drive option doesn't help because the problem is with the dialog box. The only thing I have found works is to copy the doc into TextEdit, then from there save as a Word docx. Any subsequent saves also have to be done in TextEdit. Have no idea how to reinstall Office since it's been so long since I first installed it.

Can I do this via download online? Monday, January 22, PM. Ok I tried this work around and it did appear to save the file, but afterward the save as menu popped back up. I could see the file in the folder where I directed it to save, though, so I just clicked Cancel. When I went to the folder where it appeared to save the file disappeared! Apparently it did not save after all. Edited by mactc01 Tuesday, January 30, PM. Tuesday, January 30, PM. The behavior I see is: 1.

What the HELL is going on here!?!?!? Is there some issue with Finder not playing nice with Office? Monday, February 5, PM. Exact same problem here. How am i supposed to use Excel when I can't use "Save As"? I actually need to be able to change file types between. Unfortunately Numbers is actually missing some functionality I need so I can't switch to that. Is there any spreadsheet program with the full functionality Excel used to have that is currently working on Macs? Thursday, February 8, PM. Monday, February 12, AM. It seems to me that the issue might have something to do with Word making calls back and forth via the internet that is causing the problem.

I have a laptop running Windows 10 and Word - I loaded the same document onto that and experienced the same problem until I turned the wifi OFF. Since then all seems OK. Tried the same thing on my Mac, still the same. Conclusion: The Mac versions are dependent on the internet to call back to MS and this is the issue - Word on Win10 Ver "seems" to be a stand alone version that does not need the internet to function Saturday, February 17, PM.

Here's another suggestion that seems so far to work - Turn off 'Save and create backup', turn off 'Track changes'. Unload the system as much as possible from the core work of Word. Monday, February 26, PM. I am having exactly the same problem now. Monday, March 5, PM. I have the same problem. Saves As does not do anything. It acts like it saved and then it has not. Also, I can no longer save or export to PDF. Help, this is a really bad glitch.

Wednesday, March 7, PM. Same issue. Lost an important document a few days ago. It just disappeared, after I "saved as" and closed. Now I get exactly the same issue everyone is referring to on this page. This is dumb. The minimum thing you need WORD to do is save a copy of your work. AND I pay for it! Saturday, March 10, AM. Monday, March 12, PM.

Save and name a new document

Tuesday, March 20, PM. Force quit Word 3. Restart Word 4. Friday, April 13, PM. Okay so this has been going on for about two years or so based upon the dates on this thread! Should be able to save, I can at least. Proposed as answer by bluebowtie67 Thursday, July 12, PM. Thursday, July 12, PM. Your solution has worked!

Sunday, July 22, PM. Productivity lost 10 hours. Donald G. Monday, July 23, PM. But this worked: 1. Rename the 'base document' from which the changes were made -- using finder. Hope this helps someone!

How to Find Unsaved or Lost Word Documents on a Mac

Wednesday, July 25, PM. Saturday, August 11, PM. This is absurd. Microsoft Word has become un useable on MacBook all updated. Can't save. Work lost. Wasted time. Microsoft please sort this out promptly. Wednesday, August 15, AM. You'll die when you see the simplicity.

I hope it helps everyone. Thursday, August 16, AM. I cannot save new or existing docs in Word. I've spoken to Microsoft three times. The fix doesn't last.