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All of the other routers set an IP range of That also explains why the printer immediately started to work again when we returned our Airport Extreme router to the network. Although now a discontinued model, we have owned this printer for several years and it has been a workhorse, pumping out thousands of pages without so much as a paper jam.

You can certainly find these instructions on the Brother web site but we found that they bounce you around to multiple pages and it gets hard to follow. So we decided to pull everything together in this one set of instructions, in the order you need them, to save you some of the pain we experienced.

Connecting Air to Brother HL2270DW wirelessly

As you will see below, in order to complete this process, you will need to connect the printer to your router via an Ethernet cable. In our case, the printer and router were in completely different areas which required us to physically bring the printer to the router. If your printer was previously installed, we recommend uninstalling the printer from your Mac by doing the following. All network settings, such as password and IP address, will be restored to the factory default settings.

How to Resolve Brother Printer offline on Mac?

Since this process requires the printer be connected to the router via an Ethernet cable, it may be a little inconvenient but there really is no other way to do this. We also think that this entire process is a small price to pay when you consider the reliability and value we have gotten from this printer.

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Keep in mind that we created this problem because we kept swapping out the router in our network. Had we not been using an Apple router in the beginning, or if we had changed the IP range of the router to the more common We have been using this printer for years with no issues. That said, having these instructions available will save you a lot of time and frustration in managing this, or similar style Brother printers.

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Connecting Air to Brother HLDW wirelessly | MacRumors Forums

Thanks for the helpful step-by-step instructions — they worked. Now that the printer works wirelessly can I change this setting back to Bridge mode? If your Airport Router is in Bridge mode I assume you have another router that is acting as the DHCP server since a router in Bridge mode generally means it is not providing IP addresses to your network devices.

If that is the case, and your main router the one providing the IP addresses uses the same IP range i.

Fundamental Troubleshooting step by step guide.

Otherwise, you may have to go through this process again and use the main router to get the IP address. Nice job laying out easy, step by step instructions.

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  4. Worked out great connecting to my home network- eliminating need for using USB connection every time. Thanks for letting us know this was helpful. We appreciate hearing from our readers that they find our site helpful. Thanks for the clear instructions I was able to get it working in 10 minutes!!!!!!

    Brother HL-2270DW printer driver download

    I know that the printer connection was valid, because I finally have gotten some pages printed. But 9 out of 10 times, I still see that the printer is offline, or it cannot be found. Step 20 says: Wait about a minute and then print the Network Configuration report to verify that your Brother machine has acquired a valid IP address from your router. I cannot find on my configuration report any IP address for my wireless network. It is As I noted, there definitely has been some connection made, but it is spotty.

    To clarify, my print dialog box goes from. I noticed that same issue.

    Guide to Fix Brother Printer Offline Mac issue

    After setting up wireless, I found that I had 2 Brother printer options to select from- and the prior USB option was still the default and had offline status. Thank you, thank you! These fonts comprise 49 scalable fonts, 12 bitmap fonts, and 13 bar codes. The interface options include the hi-speed 2. The last means of connection is through the IEEE Brother DCPD driver downloads. Brother PT driver downloads. Your email address will not be published. Brother HLDW printer driver download The print engine for this unique device is the standard electrophotographic laser print technology.

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