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Thank you thank you thank you!!! I reset the SMC — the first option and all is well again. Much appreciated. None of these seemed to help. When I connected an external monitor to the hdmi port with the MBP already booted up nothing changed. But when booted with the external monitor already on and connected, the external display worked perfectly.

Maybe this was just a coincidence but I thought I would mention it in case it might help someone else. I also changed the setting for the screensaver to run continuuously. I think for my particular MAC it actually got too hot which began this prob. I unplugged it from the power source, let it cool down for a day and then tried the various solutions listed here.

The Power button plus the S key helped shut it all the way down. I waited at least 15 seconds for it to be totally off then hit the power source and waited for the start up chime. I held these down through three or for blackouts the computer whent through. Then it finally rebooted correctly so I released all the buttons and let it finish rebooting properly. PRAM reset worked for me!

Interestingly 2 days before this occurence happened I switched my desktop and screen saver to be from an album of extremely hi-res photos. Wonder if this is possibly linked? The PRAM resolved my issue. My MacBook Pro after a shut down came back up with a black screen… Turned back off I would see a flicker of white and then shut down. I noticed that the panel did not have the lights on the keys and it was getting very hot real fast while in the black screen mode.

I tried the first solution, hold down the shift, control, option and power for a few seconds then release. I did that and my Mac is back to normal again. The Power button-S button-hold the power button thingy worked for me!! Basically I had gone full screen on YouTube and then it had these flashy blurred screen and then a blackout…. Thanks a million this absolutely saved me! The third option took a 2 min but if your patient it will come back. Low-end windows machines are garbage. The ridiculously careful wording to pretend that all these issues are extremely rare drives me nuts.

You know what? Mac OS gets viruses. Mac OS needs to be reinstalled. Mac OS crashes. Mac Apps crash. Macs get error 36 interacting with any non-mac computer. Macs need plist files remove to fix software issues. Macs need to be restarted to solve issues. Accept it! Computers are complicated. LG me. Black screen but managed to get it working with PRAM reset for 2 days. Now black again and no amount of suggested solutions work. Apple support not at all helpful, suggesting graphics card needs replacing but not offering to do so. Thank you for the PRAM solution. I have tried everything and no success even tried apple support.

Top of the range mid Mac book Pro and its dead. My MBPR 15 screen goes blank when running imovie. After this I hard shut it down. Sometimes it will come back and others it boots to a blank screen. Forced a shut-down with the power button as suggested and on restart it all came back. Apple error warning said failure to waken properly from sleep.

Unfortunately it has come back. I think the system is not shutting down when the lid closes and this is something to do with low battery. I have a MacBook pro and having tried and cried several combinations of short cut keys, stumbled across this website and the PRAM reset worked for me.

You are life savers and uni dissertation savers having written words and I was going to give up and take it to Apple shop after four days of black screen!!!! None of these options worked for me and now when i connect to an external monitor the macbook wont boot. It worked- number 3.

Took a couple of goes, I must have been a millisecond too slow a couple times. I had just done the update to the newest iOS and it must have played it up. Thanks for the advice! I have a mid macbook pro and I almost sold my computer as broken until I found this fix. I could hear the ding for booting, but no display. It ended up being the PRAM reset that fixed the problem for me. However, it took some patience because the computer booted halfway before the screen came back on. Had the black screen issue with my 18 month old MacBook Air.

Tried all the suggested keyboard sequences unsuccessfully and was about to give up. Then tried the final suggested one which was the PRAM one…. My macbook pro 13inch retina 2 years old come march has been playing up for last 6 months. Keep getting the screen going black, I have done all the above fixes worked for a bit other times it doesnt fix it all. It works fine when connect it to my tv via HDMI screen still black on laptop but can at least use it.

I think mine is more hardware focussed, so I be interested in finding out if anyone has actually had to get the screen replaced or taken to apple repair centre and had an idea around actual costings? Am debating just buying a new one and keeping this as a spare hook it up to a separate monitor use as a steaming device instead. PRAM worked for me. That happened to me during exams time, you just saved my life! I have literally tried everything mentioned here. I even restored the dang thing…. PRAM reset worked. My MacBook Pro booted to a black screen after upgrading to the El Captain operating system leaving me concerned.

I went into the Internet to learn from those who have had similar experience, thankfully the PRAM reset option restored my MacBook to its normal booting screen. I have a Macbook Pro and I tried all 3 options, but non of them seem to be working. Ive tried the PRAM reset, but it only makes the booting sound 3 times.

Nothing actually happens. Third option worked the pram worked first time trying it thanks so much. The wife was freaking out good thing this worked. I first tried the SMC reset, without result. I then tried the Keypress Sequence, and the screen came on but with the black-flash problem, so I repeated it, and voila, problem fixed! Thanks a million. Booted and held option down. This brought up the boot picker and finally brought some light to the dormant screen. The PRAM restart worked for me only after having removed the power cable.

I repeated the third option and it worked again, but am worried this is going to become the norm. Anyone else with a similar situation? Suggestions for a more permanent fix? THANK You- all panic ensued after allowing my 8 year old on my Mac- I totally thought she dropped it and that is why the black screen- you saved us today with this great knowledge- thanks for publishing this freely!

Was in a panic because nothing else was working!! The PRAM worked for me. Reset the computer and everything is back to normal. The pram reset worked on my macbook pro. Thank God I found this post on my smart phone!!!!! Great info guys! Perennial problem with Mac Book Pro retina running Yosemite Best solution after reboot with PRAM or SMC and on encountering a black screen is to close the lid down and make yourself a tea or coffee.

When you come back an open the lid the login screen is visible — mostly. Coffee tends to work better than tea. PRAM finally worked for me. Is it not a bit troubling that there are so many people with this issue?! Pretty cool that Apple is still making MacBook Pro that far in the future! Looking at the comments, this seems to have the most success- why not make this the first option? Number three pram reset worked. Thank goodness. I had the same issue a couple months ago and had t replace the logic board.

I had this problem and tried everything here… it did not boot. I picked up the machine and sort of patted down the back, to try to seat any loose chips or connectors. It started up fine. I think the problem was either a loose connector, or possibly since the macbook was near the window it may have been too cold until I picked it up, then it warmed up and started again. If you have the problem, try hugging your mac. Unexpectedly, this one worked for me.

I tried the 3 solutions above for hours I do not give up easily. Then I read this post and applied the same process. I patted the back of my mac book pro, squeezed it lightly, and pressed the power on. Seems to work now Thank you so much the PRAM solution helped. I already had a appointment at Apple. I will be cancelling it right now. So happy:. I had to try it twice though. Thank God for this post the 3rd option works.

Life saver as I had a presentation today, with 5 mins to spare my screens back. Option 3 worked brilliantly the others did nothing unfortunately. Thank you.. I tried the first two options 3 times each and they did not work. This was after i had tried an external monitor as well as the brightness key. The third method worked the second time. After trying the first two options with no results, the PRAM reset worked like a charm!

My blood pressure can go back to normal now! After a few hours my Mac turned on normally…. PRAM reset method worked for me…. Thank you so much man. What is the actual reason for having to do this reset in the first place other than the obvious that it is dark. We have a problem with Office My question is: can we repair the instalation on this product? Any help will be appreciated very much. Brilliant — tried loads of tricks but the PRAM one worked first time- many thanks!! This was my first problem ever on a fairly new MacBook Air — am so relieved! Any Help.

I try to all steps but the third one is work, its very helpful for us.. I reset the PRAM then i got my screen back….. SMC reset worked for me on second try. Made no difference the first time around, so I went to method 2 and 3 without success. Then I tried method 1 again and all is well. None of these worked for me until I saw a similar solution on another forum.

Do step 1, then immediately boot using step 3. This happened to me out of the blue. Option 3 : PRAM reset worked for me. Nothing has worked! But thanks for the help. Mysteriously when I try to Boot up, the computer cuts on, automatically cuts off, then automatically cuts itself back on to a Black screen with no sound that anything is happening in back ground.

Same here. PRAM reset worked for me. Thanks just thanks,took the 3rd option that you advised to sort out my Mac air,after the first 2 failed I thaught was gonna be an expensive apple fix,once again thank. I had this issue after turning the display brightness all the way off earlier in the day. Then it did the trick. Thank you, Marten Otten, for mentioning that in your comment!!!! My screen was black and i didnt hear anything, just the apple sign was showing me that i had a power supply!

I have a Mac Book Pro. Great article. It would turn on, chime, then the screen would go grey. Nothing worked until I tried the tip about holding down control-command-p-r. PRAM Reset tip worked perfectly. Saved me a trip to the Apple Genius Bar! Thank you so much!! I was really worried for a second. I tried all your options and it is working properly again now.

Anyway thankyou!! Tried everything on my macbook pro, but nothing worked until I followed the suggestion to hold down the Shift key on the reboot. This finally brought up a login screen in Safe mode. I logged in twice to reach an OS update screen. After updating, the macbook works again! Thank you very much.. The first option worked for me after having water damage in my mac book air , I tipped it upside down and let it dry for about 5 days , turned it back on and my screen was blank bt the power up sound chimed. Mac was booting but just a grey screen displayed.

Went through all your steps and the last one fixed it. PRAM reset. Life saver! Thanks so much. I tried all of the options and then tried it all again and all sounded positive on the third option until nothing else happened! Was getting very scared and then sent the laptop to sleep and then force restart had to guess because obviously the screen was all black and then it worked!!! Seriously after 30 mins I was so panicked. PRAM was the only thing that worked for me. The PRAM reset worked! Hi, I have the same issue.

None of the above said methods worked. Hope you have resolved it. If so could you pls tell me how to beak this black screen curse? I tried the first and the third method. I dont know which one worked. Fingers crossed i dont run into the Black Screen Curse again!!!! Any ideas? Thank you so much!!! This should not happen on a machine that costs so much. Only the last one, the PRAM reset worked. But it stayed black this time. Now fine!

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Tried everything…finally came across your article and the PRAM reset worked! My wallet and I thank you so much!

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I tried everything. Was getting a black screen nothing with flashlight…dead dead dead screen with no lid light when shut. Hopefully it is more than a temporary thing. Thanks a bunch!! My problem began when my battery ran out. I plugged it in and rebooted to a black screen. I tried the three suggestions above several times and when it seemed like it was working, I kept getting the password reset window. After I reset the password I had to restart not other option it seems which then brought me back to the black screen, trying one of the tips, then reset password and repeat.

The next screen asked me to disable the FileVault. I did then it restarted and voila! Maybe someone can clue me in. For the record, new iTunes recently installed. After the above fix, Aux monitor went black, macboMA stayed on, forced quit iTunes and everything returned to normal — just saying. Suddenly, without warning my screen went black. I was beginning to panic when none of the options had appeared to work. Agree with the others that you have to be precise—hit all 4 buttons at the same time as soon as you hear the reboot sound.

PRAM worked. Have to be precise and very quick on the fingers to make it work. Thx again M. Nothing worked. Even multiple attempts at PRAM reset, starting in recovery mode, above tips. Several moments went by.

A Solution for MacBook Pro Booting to a Black Screen

Then it woke up, screen and everything! Thank you sooooo much! The PRAM reset worked. I have a lot of scripts and projects on my mac. You are a life saver! Glad to hear you have your Mac working fine again, the black screen on boot can be pretty frightening until it gets sorted out. I plugged my MacBook into a projector. The image showed up on both screens then I unplugged the projector and now it works great.

Easy steps to fix MacBook Pro Black Screen issue [troubleshooting guide]

I was freaked out! I have an older MacBook Pro, and as soon as I did this it booted right up! I was freaking out when I turned my Mac on and had a black screen as I had a document for a client I need to send out tonight. I went through all the recommendations and the PRAM worked.

Thank God! Yay thank you!!!!!! The first 2 ways did nothing for me…the PRAM reset finally worked! I have a MacBook Air : randomly it turned on to a black screen, but the pram reset got it back to normal! The first option worked, but it took a while for the screen to light up, since I heard it thinking I gave it time while I read the next options. Then it came on! But when it did, it was at a password reset promot. I had no options but to give it a reason I needed to reset my password. I hit the back arrow and it froze.

I rebooted and the screen took a while on black so I googled thr password reset prompt and read about a backlight issue, where you can see that the screen has content if you shine a light through thr Apple logo. It said at the password prompt to move mouse to top of screen to get the menu and pick restart.

Then, shine the light through the back to pick thr user to log in as and type the password. Did so, my account needed an update so it loaded a while, then I was back in business. What a weird combo of problems. I assume all related, but still perplexing! Was thinking of how to DHL my mac back to apple in Chicago and i came across your post. You saved me a whole great deal. God bless you so much. My mac stated up fine after that. The PRAM reset worked on the third attempt. Logon screen came up and everything seems to be OK, so far; I cannot understand why this issue came up!

Thank you so much, i like just bought my Mac 2 months ago and I was scared it was damaged. The PRAM option worked out for me. All they did was make the keyboard lights not work anymore. Then I turned the computer on wait for the chord and plugged in an external monitor, and just like that everything is fixed! That is, until next time I suppose…. The PRAM reset worked for me. My MacBook started normally for a few days and again had a black screen start up. The PrAM reset worked again. Do you think I should take it in to have it checked out? Aaagggghhhhhh my life! YOu have to be Patient before you can actually see the bootscreen for Mac to load back normally!!!

I was able to solve my boot-to-black problem, but only by deviating from your instructions. Pressing the reset-SMC key combo before booting, as per your instructions, did not work. Pressing the same key combo when the computer was already on, but with black screen, worked. I tried all three solutions and brightness as well but none worked for me.

Kindly help me if anyone has got other solutions. Just like to say a very Big thank you for the help that I saw on the blank screen for MacBook Air it did the trick with pressing the shift control command power button it now works Thank very much Jason see. I tried the first soultion, it worked.

However, after around 20 seconds it went black again. What should I do now? Also removed items from root library startup items, and user startup items. Basically a bunch of third party software extras. Then we restarted normally and everything was back to normal. Thanks to person above who suggested contacting Apple support.

There was no charge either! This starts your computer without 3rd party startup items. We then went into library folder and removed some items. The third time I tried option 3 it worked! I was pulling my hair out until I found this! Not sure about this, but am suspicious. Well I tried all three and got nothing! Everything did work to knowledge as for the resetting but could not get the black screen go away. Thanks guys! TP — turning off FileVault was how I was able to get a normal boot.

First time for me and my MacBook Pro was bought in Thanks for typing it all out. I was on my phone searching for the next thing to try when the apple icon screen popped up. So be patient! My first Macbook after running from Windows 8. She is not technical, so I have to handle it. Had to use Google to find this webpage, again. Both times it was the PRAM reset that resolved the issue. It would be nice to know exactly what causes this issue. Some of us have much more pressing issues that are causing the same problem and those of us that do are obviously unable to fix it using the same method.

Good gosh. We get it. The third solution worked for me, PRAM reset! And to add to my previous post, my MacBook Pro now boots up so much quicker than before….. Tried the first two options and was beginning to lose hope but the third one worked a treat…. In a diff sequence. I shut my mac down. I was pressing the keyboard sequence and then pressed the power button. Worked amazeballs. The chime came and then the screen went completely black looked like it was turned off and then a louder chime followed with apple logo then the log on page. I tried your sequence of steps 1, 2, 3 and then again 1, when my Mac finally booted up with display!!

None of the solutions worked. Not good enough, complete waste of my time. Heard good things about Apple so I bought one but will never again after all this rubbish. Cheap laptop that looks good. I had the same issue with my iMac and Apple support walked me through the fix yesterday…. Shut the computer down by holding the power button for 10 seconds 2. Restart the computer and press shift at the same time until you see the progress bar start moving 3.

After a moment, you should see the spinning beach ball 5. Let it finish. After that it should go to your normal desktop and the issue should be fixed. If your screen goes pitch black during this process, hit the space bar. Thanks a lot!!! I must say, after a weekend of camping, coming home and totally crashing in the bed and waking up 12 hours later at 4 a. Miraculous and thank you! My computer has been sitting for literally YEARS because I thought- even after bringing it to a Mac expert friend- that the screen was dead forever.

Mac Screen Goes Black? Here's Why and How

I wanted to try one last time to connect it to an alternate screen and when that failed, I googled black screen and found your page. I used the key code s! Opening this computer is like a time capsule! I had the blank screen after leaving the MBPR in a deg. When I opened it again, I found it hat shut itself down. I tried all the methods here several times without luck. After leaving the laptop unplugged, open and on but with a blank screen for a few hours, I closed it.

When I opened it again, the login screen was displaying again. My guess is that it was a battery controller issue that shutdown the machine Monday evening at due to high heat or low power running fan? Thank you u so much for this article — solution 3 did the trick in my case! In my case, none of the 3 solutions worked, and I was afraid my mac was dead, completely.

Hey guys. I just encountered this problem with my MacBook Air. I used it last night and closed the screen just fine. When I tried booting it in the morning it booted to a black screen. Please please please help me. I have a new MacBook Pro. I am so glad I found your tips. This finally worked — but not the first time I tried it. None of the other options worked. I have a late MacBook one of the white ones.

In my case, its Snow Leopard. If I reboot with the installation CD in the laptop, the backlight works!! However, partway through the install the backlight goes out and the problem is returned. This does tell me one thing: that I have a working inverter. I think that the next thing for me to try is installing to a new or zeroed-out hard drive. I was wondering whether anyone can add anything to this.? Anyway, I will update this reply with progress updates for the community.

Gys neither of the above solutions helped me. I use both windows 8. But I can see the cursor moving over there. No problem with Mac OS. Can you just help me out gys..!!! Thank you thank you… New to MacBook Pro, only had it a week, black screen prior to urgent work commitment this morning and thought what on earth have I done… Tried all three suggestions twice, second time around PRAM reset fixed it…. Saved your file and hope it is not needed again any time soon.

Like Joe near the top said, none of these worked for me either. Any other suggestions? As is mentioned in the article, if you have tried all of these solutions and the Mac screen is still black, it boots to black, and the screen and external displays are always black, you may have a hardware problem or a bigger issue with the MacBook, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or Mac Mini. In that case, you should take the device to a repair center and have them determine if there is hardware failure. Any Apple Store can diagnose hardware problems for you.

Best of luck! I had this on moving my MacBook Pro and was a bit panicked — working down the list with no change I was really worried — fortunately the PRAM reset listed as the final option worked! Great stuff and thanks for this :. Unfortunately the resets are not working for me, I will contact Apple to solve it at the hardware level as mentioned here before, but in the meantime I can get my internal screen back this way:.

Close the lid of your computer 3. Open it again 4. Plug a display adapter in the mini-port, wait for a couple of seconds 5. Unplug it again. OMG this worked for me!!! Then I remembered that I had unplugged my external monitor and closed my laptop just before this black screen issue started, so I figured maybe this would work and it did:. Then unplugged pulled out mini-display port from MBP and to my complete surprise my login screen popped up! My macbook pro retina model boots up to a black screen. I tried everything here and thought it was a logic board failure.

But, a trip to the genius bar fixed the problem in five minutes. It was some sort of connection issue between battery and display. He unscrewed the battery secured the connection and boom everything is solved!! I had the same issue with black display after boot. I could only hear the chime sound and everything went black. You have to do it hockey and precisely. Mischa, who posted February 11, Do you mind to contact me via email? I dont really understand the instructions you give in ur comment.

I hope you can give me step-by-step instructions on how to do the coding. I can hear the hardrive spining and the power light is on but nothing on the screen. Does anyone know what the problem might be. Is it the screen or the graphics chip. How do I find out. The three solutions did not work for me. But closing the laptop while on, waiting about a minute and then opening solved the issue. Tried all three tips to no avail. Finally tried disconnecting the power cord. Then held the power button down for a few seconds again and … Shazam! I tried all of these fixes mid Mbp retina but it still was black screening.

It was out of warranty, but somehow Apple covered it. Sounds like an internal known-issue. Thx for the trouble shooting solutions. The 3rd option is just a right medicine for my my coma air book. Just woke up. Thx for ur research. It save time and money both. Finally after many many times resetting the pram worked. Thank you so much for this post! Just got my new macbook pro for less than two days and had everything updated. Then it booted into black screen with a chime after did a migration through firewire. I tried every combination of keypress after power on, no luck.

Finally, the PRAM reset solved my problem. Big thanks. Nothing worked for me. Afraid of it now :- Please suggest any option. MacBook pro Please help! Pitch black when booting, and PRAM reset worked! Thanks mate. Thanks so much for this …I was in a rel panic when I opened my MacBook to find a black screen!!! For no known reason I might add. Third option worked for me on my MacBook Air mid model , I cannot thank you enough for saving me! None of them worked for me. I got the Macbook Pro to Apple store today. Genius guy checks for failures.

And told me there is a problem with motherboard. And it is must be changing. They will change it for free because it is an factory production problem. Sorry for bad english. After attempting the first 2 solutions, the 3rd one worked for me. PRAM reset worked!! You need to make sure you hold down the keys all at the same time and right after you hear the boot chime.

Thanks so much I was freaking out. By using a combination of the suggested fixes I was able to get my MBP up and running for a couple of weeks to a couple of minutes. Apple has determined that a small percentage of MacBook Pro systems may exhibit distorted video, no video, or unexpected system restarts.

How to Fix MacBook Pro Black Screen and Unresponsive

The program covers affected MacBook Pro models until February 27, or three years from its original date of sale, whichever provides longer coverage for you. The replacement part he called it a logic board arrived this morning, and I picked up my computer this afternoon. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I tried the first two tips as well as another I found on a different site with no success.

Then the PRAM reset worked!! Just got my MacBook Air a couple of months ago, but was starting to think it was already busted. This tip on osxdaily. I tried the first couple of suggestions with no result, but when I tried the PRAM reset, worked like a charm! No more black screen boot! Guys i found a really easy fix for my screen going black. I was using a foam case which had a magnetic clip. This was then causing my macbook to think the lid was closed and the screen would then go black.

I tried all three solutions and none of them worked… I was really, really sad. This happen to me and the Pram restart worked… Thank you! I was updating when it went black. The problem occured after Yosemite Hope problem will not occure again. Had this issue on my MacBook Pro. After numerous reboots using the shift key, nothing worked.

Found this site and tried option 1 and 2 to no avail. Option 3 the PRAM reset worked finally worked. A big thank you as I was ready to throw my computer across the room. The third step fixed my MacBook, thank you for the good advice! I tied the first two with no luck but the PRAM thing worked like a charm. I tried every effort but no way, that was very frustrating to me. I went home started looking through the net, fortunately, I have tried your solutions. I was definitely in panic but third one helped me!

Thank you soooo!!! The third option worked for me on my MacBook Pro refurbished. I followed the steps and then turned it off and on again once more. Now I can see my screen. Big thanks to the author!!! Never had that before Yosemite This sucks so much — I can hardly work!!! You are describing an issue with some OS X The third aolution worked… I was teady yo try a hammer, thank you so much! None of these have worked. Try to turn up the brightness. Have a similar problem, tried all the tricks mentioned above but screen remained black, then finally tried plugging in a TV scree on HDMI and voila.

Managed to get the machine started and copied all important files… but laptop screen still black. Macbook Pro with retina or El Capitan. None of these worked for me. So I tried plugging it into external monitor and still no picture even on the external monitor, so when I unplugged the hdmi the screen popped back on. That makes zero sense but okay! The PRAM reset worked, thank you! I tried each one on the list got nervous as each one failed. I held my breath at the PRAM reset and was thrilled that it worked. A very helpful solution. Thank you so much for the very effective solution.

The last one did luckily thank you so much I was so worried. PRAM worked for me — interesting that son also playing with brightness the night before this happened. The PRAM step worked for me. Can anyone help? PRAM rest option worked for me but you have to press the keys at the same time accurately. Thanks for the post. MacBook Pro retina bought new in September Nothing works and I tried everything that was suggested. The display part seems to be dead.

I used my notebook then left the table closing it. Came back an hour later and the screen is dead. I made an appointment with Apple but the earliest one available is on Tuesday. Apple sucks. To rule out the power issues, check if your Mac produces any noise — from the hard drive or fans. If you still see black screen on Mac, read on. Remove all external devices like printers or external drives. These devices may start their own dialogues which could interfere with your display settings. The variance of this issue is your Mac not waking up after sleep. Try to open and close MacBook lid and press a few keys on a keyboard.

Hold down the Power key for about 6 seconds. Wait for your Mac to shut down and press the Power key again. NVRAM stands for non-volatile RAM and is basically a functionality that stores in memory settings for display, speakers, primary startup disk etc. Now, that your display is back to the light, you should be able to do a bit of maintenance under the hood of your Mac.

Oftentimes, the reason for your Macbook black screen problem is broken disk permissions not allowing your Mac to boot normally. Another possible culprit — the corrupted Login Items.

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What it controls is temperature, lights, keyboard, fans, and many other side-processes. To perform this trick follow the tips below. Though it looks counter-intuitive you may try this solution when your Mac screen goes black. Now press the Return key. Lots of users have reported that this option helped to bring their Macs to life. A variance of this trick has been found on many Mac forums. It may happen that your Mac became unresponsive and asks you to reset password.

However, after following all the on-screen instructions and changing your password, nothing happens — you still see the black screen. Don't worry, there is an easy fix. When the screen is black, shine the light behind the display through the Apple. This will help you see the login icon and put the cursor in the correct place. Then just login and the screen will come back. MacBook display not working is not an exception.