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Besides, programmers know tools Anyway, I realized that I might have posted this on SuperUser or somewhere else, but I just didn't know if that's a better place for this question.

You decide. Any special reason for changing the font details?

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It's a long story :D. There are some issues regarding the way Adobe Flash returns me the Font Name so I need to rename them in order to achieve a certain task. In my case, I had to wipe Photoshop's font cache before my changed font got recognized. I maybe should have specified that I need to do this with some fonts in my Windows installation.

How to Manage Mac Fonts With Font Book

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How to Change the Default System Font in OS X El Capitan to Lucida Grande

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Since TTX is a command line tool, we will need to launch Terminal, which is found in the Utilities folder in your Applications folder.

BBC - My Web My Way - Changing fonts in Safari for Mac OS X

Terminal will automatically add the path to the font file. The results in in the Terminal will look like the screenshot below:. Once the path is added, hit return. TTX dumps the font tables into XML and saves the file in the same folder containing the original font. This new. In our example we are going to use TextEdit. Once the file is open in TextEdit we need to find the name of the font. If your search is successful you will find a line like the one below:. The next step is to carefully select the font name inside the quotes. Then, we want to replace all the instances of where the previous name is referred to with our own.

In these cases you should manually scroll through the font file and replace the instances where the name listed. Then save the file.

How to Change the Mac System Font to the OS X El Capitan Font in OS X Yosemite 10.10.4

Make sure it is saved as plain text with the extension. I also opted to change the font file name in order to differentiate the font from the original in the Finder.

The newly created font can be added to one of your system font folders or to a third-party font manager and be activated without conflict. Note: I mentioned earlier in this post that TTX is easy to use once it is installed. I did not have any luck using the binary installer available on the download page and only got the app installed after downloading the source files, running the python install script, then running TTX and moving the files to the locations required on the drive as I ran into error messages.

While this was somewhat difficult, I did get it to finally run. Another Note: Since this article was posted, we have added a new post that guides you through the steps of installing TTX that hopefully will take some of the pain away.

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