Sonic Projects OPX Pro II NKS Library for Komplete Kontrol \ Maschine

Extended until August 25th! Don't miss it! Upgrade offers:. We are proud that we can offer you this new dream synth for a fantastic upgrade price! You'll get all the features you've ever wished to have, more than 1' new sounds and full Mac and 64bit support! It's time to get in a new dimension! Almost all former OP-X sounds are included, and you can download all original banks in converted format from here.

Sonic projects op-x pro ii v1.0

If you always was considering the upgrade to full parameter control, then why not not go for the max now direclty! If you want to use all your familiar sounds furthermore then you can download all former banks in converted format from here here. Please use this upgrade option as a VM Bundle licensee. Learn more here. When the demo version works the full version will too. Bill W. My Genesis Tribute Band: www. Joined: Aug Going to download and try it out tonight! Geoff Grace. I got the email too.

It's nice that those of us with the Reaktor version have access to upgrade pricing through the end of the year, IIRC. Best, Geoff. Enthusiasm powers the world. Craig Anderton's Archiving Article.

OP-X PRO-II available for Mac and x64 | SonicProjects | Cakewalk Forums

North Carolina. Looks like their email server is in overload mode.

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So many requests from people who bought ages ago and haven't used it in forever forgetting their passwords and license info. Just got an email request to not send them emails. I couldn't be happier!! One of my all time favorite soft synths! Now if we could only get Guido on board with VB Joined: Feb Corvallis, OR. This is great news! Looks like there is an upgrade deal as well. NYC area. How does it compare to the freebie OBXD plugin?

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I did e-mail Sonic Projects about this but thought I would ask here as it sounds like they might not get back to me about this anytime soon due to probably quite a few e-mails they are probably getting. Al Coda. Originally Posted By: ahutnick. Springfield, Virginia. Looks like everyone wants the new version. I can't get thru. I can wait. At least they are extending the discount sale. I am playing with the demo in 64 on my MacBook. If someone has the chance, please try it at 48K sample rate so that I know it's not unique to my setup.

I've sent it in as a bug--tuning is off, doesn't adjust to the sample rate. This is the new Mac version. I did not receive the e-mail notice originally as I had discovered the existence of the Mac version by reading this thread. They did get back to me and I have downloaded and authorized it successfully.

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  8. I am going to use my Kronos as an audio interface with it so I will be trying it at the 48k sample rate and I will let you know what I find. Joined: Jun Long Beach, CA. Looking forward to installing and using it. The 32 bit pc version does work within my Forte 64 bit host, but hopefully the new 64 bit will operate just a little cleaner. Thanks for the heads up!

    Just clicked Buy and Going to download the demo in the mean time Originally Posted By: EscapeRocks. Originally Posted By: Al Coda. Joined: Sep Wilts, UK. Originally Posted By: burningbusch. North Haverbrook - Godsticks - SoundCloud.

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    Apparently a few people have reported it, they're working on it. Thanks MorayM. Apparently ahutnick hasn't seen the problem but others have. Good to know I'm not alone.