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There seems to be a fair bit of information in this thread over at [H]ard OCP's forums.

Apple Firmware Update for Mac Mini (Late 2012)

You might want to give it a look. And to ask the obvious question Of course there is. One of the many things the Thunderbolt bus is capable of carrying is DisplayPort video. Now whether there are any of these cables rated to the appropriate DP version is a good question.

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Not a Thunderbolt 3 monitor. A Mini DisplayPort one. I am not sure what the bits-per-channel would be; you'd need to check that. Well, no there isn't.

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Not without a dongle. Not really relevant now though since you have the eGPU coming. You are tapping into a DisplayPort signal that the Mini is already set up to provide. Of course there are no incompatibilities with HDMI and other connections. I am sure 5k60 in 10 bit works splendidly over TB3 - or maybe not.

2012 Mac mini - Won't wake monitor via DisplayPort

As I said - been there done that - never got an external monitor working in 5k 10 bit on my Mac Pro late When you count everything together the price advantage is not that big but essentially every HW combination looks like a gamble. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. They do claim "support for one billion colors" for the internal display of the iMac Pro, and for some external display configurations. The Mac Mini is surely a super fine entry level headless MAC but it is surely no graphics power house for video and photo enthusiasts.

I'd get the budget version for little money and be happy with it. In case you want more the current base line iMac PRO is your best option with all blows and whistles included. Ordered the day it was announced. I decided to have a chat with one of the LG support guys only to find out that the LG support worker denied that UHD in 10 bis would work on my specific TV model even though it was advertised on the specification.

All these things have a higher complexity as one might think. The less complex I can get a setup the more likely it is to get things running as expected.

I didn't say that. I said exacty what you quoted; that there isn't DisplayPort on the mini, at least not without a dongle. Except that the Mini has DisplayPort. They merely provide access to the DisplayPort output that is already there. It is there even when you have not plugged in an adapter. Will have it tomorrow, and I'll report back as soon as I test it. Well, nice surprise My eGPU just came in! It's an RX, and it when using the DisplayPort on the back of the unit, it completely fixes the display and scaling issues.

Connect the Mac’s power adapter

Why are you using HDMI? DisplayPort is a much more capable connection, and the mini has plenty of Thunderbolt 3 ports that support DisplayPort. With a flashlight hold it against the screen at an angle poor mans backlight are you able to see a faint image of your desktop icons? Thank you so much for your answer No you misunderstood. Your issue is the way your system see's the display which is were the issue is. Show 12 more comments. Richard Horobin. I know neither cause nor solution. I suspect that there is a hardware or firmware fault, as altering software ie any settings at all seems to have no effect.

In any case, Apple will not acknowledge the issue.

If the system goes into sleep mode the front white LED will slowly dim and brighten. If that is the case all you need to do is bump the mouse or trackpad or hit the space bar of the keyboard. If you have left it for a longer period the system will go into deep sleep mode so it does take a bit more time to wake. In all of these cases the system will wake.

We have over mini units in use none fail to wake.

External display issues on your Mac? Try these steps

Try turning it off and unplugging it, then wake your mini and plug the display back in and turn it back on. Did that solve it? If it did your display is the issue not the mini. Often we encounter issues with the displays backlights burning out. The older units used CCFL's which overtime fail. The newer units use LED's but the power circuit on some burnout. In other cases the display will work for a few minutes then die which tends to be the power supplies of the display.

In all of these cases the issue was the display which was the issue at hand with the OP here not the system the mini or MacBook. You say "Try turning it off and unplugging it, then wake your mini and plug the display back in and turn it back on. I'm interested in your suggested ritual.

If you live where Earthquakes are common, or you have rambunctious kids running around all the time, plugs are destined to work their way out of their sockets. One of the things Apple recommends you try if you are using an Apple notebook, such as a MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro is to connect the power adapter to give it additional power. A loose connection will keep a proper electrical connection from occurring and can cause issues with your external display. Are you using the right port?

Make sure your display s are plugged in to the correct port s.


If possible, remove one of the adapters and avoid chaining them together. Does the display work with other connections? Try using another computer or another video source and see if the display works with that video connection. Is your video cable bad? Try using a known good video cable and see if the problem persists. Often times, the video cable connecting the external display to your Mac just needs to be replaced.

  1. If the display image is blank or unusable.
  2. camel phat vst mac download.
  3. how to install gcc in mac using terminal;

Problems with display resolution will cause problems with your picture. With resolution issues, your picture may look blurry, or scaled incorrectly. Typically when you plug an external display in to your Mac for mirroring, your Mac will automatically adjust its own display resolution to fit the external display.

Not all resolutions translate well to others, and this will cause scaling issues that make some things look elongated or too tall.